Militärische Funktechnik

TACLink 5GHz – Military Backhaul

High Power IEEE 802.11AC Radio Systems

The hefraTEC TACLink 5GHz MIMO systems are designed for military Point to Point and Point to Multipoint backhaul application, to allow COTS to be applied in tactical operations. The TACLink delivers high capacity due to the MIMO configurations, with two RX/TX chains for 802.11ac spatial diversity multiplexing, that also improve the non-line of sight (NLOS) OFDM capability.


All the TACLink units are manufactured with ruggedized die-cast aluminum enclosure, aluminum antenna plates and UV-stable ABS radome. To achieve maximum radio performance, the antenna patches are made from state of the art Teflon-based FR4 dielectric materials.


The units come in various color schemes as well as winter white camo. All bolts and details are made from A4 stainless steel, and mounting kit from high rugged die-cast aluminum.

All the TACLinks can be powered with standard military vehicles 24 or 12V, as well as industry standard IEEE802.3AF/AT with power over Ethernet and military specification connectors. TACLink have strong built in security features and encryption.

Download the Detailed description (as PDF).